Monday, November 24, 2008

avast! Home Edition


I have used many Anti-Virus programs since I’ve been using computers Norton, MacAfee, AVG, and Anti-Vir. The last three I have used have all been free Anti-Vir was awesome but had a really annoying ads. AVG was awesome but one time didn’t catch a virus like it should have so I switched when my long time friend Walter suggested I use avast! I haven’t had any viruses since I’ve switched to it avast always detects threats before I even download infected files and has saved me many times. It’s very easy to turn off when you need to and when it’s on its awesome it tells you with its own voice when it updates and doesn’t have any annoying ads. You have to get a new free license every so many months but its as simple as visiting a website and clicking a button for an email to renew it. I highly recommend avast! to anyone who doesn’t already have an anti-virus program or who wants to switch to a different one.

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