Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Beginning

Well I decided to make this blog although I'm not really sure what it's going to be about. I'm sure I'll find something interesting to post on here you know hopefully make it interesting for you people. Anyways I'll probably post some awesome stuff I find online on here and anything interesting that happen probably post some videos I make when ever I get back to filming and editing. I stopped a while back because my hard drive broke so I lost my editing software also I lost the space to store the uncompressed footage. If you know anything about video editing you know it takes up several gigabytes per project. Anyways if you want to see some of my videos I have some right HERE I'm sure I'll eventually post more maybe when I get back from my mission I can actually start up on that web show I've been wanting to do I had the first episode of my web show "Uber Micro" finished a while back but I lost it when my hdd broke so I might start a new web show completely different then what I had before. I thought my Wii Video Cast was pretty good it's just too bad that the people at the Wiire.com didn't accept it so I had to remove the awesome intro and stuff I worked on for 2 weeks and it made the whole thing rather boring my new Video Cast will probably be something similar but not something that has news that gets too old as fast as what I had I don't think I'll be able to make the video casts fast enough to do that. As you can see I'm into gaming and such a lot and also Wii Homebrew if you would like to get into that try visiting http://www.wiibrew.org/ its an awesome site that will help you with anything you need if you need help go on the irc for Wiibrew or try my irc channel irc://irc.freenode.net/WiiCoolZone if you don't have an irc client I suggest IceChat it's much better then mIRC in my opinion you can get it here http://www.icechat.net/ .
Anyways I guess I better not write any more then I already have else you will just get bored by it all.
Link_of_Hyule aka Matthew_8 (on the Wiibrew irc)
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