Sunday, November 16, 2008

CosmoRacketti Reviewed

CosmoRacketti is a flying spaceship game it's graphics are pretty decent 3d and it has the ability to do multiplayer right out of box on the first screen. I like that it's level based and you can have your score and progress through the game but if you mess up it resets your score to what you had on the previous level and lets you try again. The controls are pretty good although they take a while to get use to because they completely rely on the accelerometer from what I can tell with the exception of the A and B buttons which are used for weapon fire to shoot enemies and obstacles. As you progress through the game there are more obstacles added and it of course gets harder. I really like this game but I feel that maybe it could use a better menu and a few other game play modes. The music is good but it lacks variety what I played of it there was the same music for all of it not a new song or variety of songs on the different levels. look forward to seeing what more this game will offer in the future if it is expanded upon maybe we can expect to see an online mode for it.
Controls: 5
Menu Layout: 3
Fuctionality: 8
Graphics: 7
Music and Sound: 3
Story: N/A
Overall: 5
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