Saturday, November 15, 2008

First look at Wii Speak in action :P

EDIT: I removed the video because some people where having problems with seeing it properly on the blog I'm not really sure why it wasn't working but you can view it HERE .

I just found this video of Wii Speak in Animal Crossing and it's quite a bit different then my Wii Speak Concept I came up with in 2007 before it was even announced. It's more like your in the same room with the person not having to wear something which is kinda nice for games like Animal Crossing but not so nice for FPS games where you want to have the conversation private between your team or keep it down so other people can't hear it. It looks simple and easy to setup but the video just showed the actual conversation and not really any installation I'm sure in the near future we will see how it fully works. Here's a link to my concept that I came up with in 2007 for a voice chat system for the Wii interestingly enough it has the same name maybe its because they couldn't think of anything better like me or they just liked me name and nabbed it.

Click Here.
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