Sunday, November 16, 2008

Portii Reviewed

Yet another review I have for you. Portii is a strategy type game where you're a misshaped companion cube named Portii, and your quest is to eat all the cake that you can. Portii can make portals: one blue and one orange. When he goes through one, he comes out the other. Portii is made by beardface, the same person who made WiiPhysics, and it's by far the most well made game I've played from the competition. Its potential for replay is a lot more than the other games that were in the competition. Portii includes its own level builder, with support for uploading your custom levels to the Portii website for other people to use. Portii is a great game. Get your copy at the project's site:
Controls: 10
Menu Layout: 9
Fuctionality: 10
Graphics: 8
Music and Sound: 7
Story: 7

Overal: 8.5
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