Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So far this week :P

Well a few interesting things are happening lately first off I guess Animal Crossing: City Folk is coming out on Sunday with the Wii Speak microphone. I'm not that much of a AC fan but it looks pretty cool and my brother loves AC. I don't have the cash to get it right now maybe for christmas. Next up the Tehskeen competition will be ending this week so hopefully that will bring a lot of great homebrew releases. Still no news on BootMii hopefully that gets released soon. On a different note Muzer is working on his Miight linux gui for Wii and its coming along nicely it will hopefully have Wi-Fi dongle support and when BootMii is released maybe internal Wi-Fi support. If anyone has found a leaked version of this please do not use it. It has a major bug and was not meant for release please remove any links for it thanks!

Thats it for today I guess hopefully I'll have some better news for you soon.
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