Monday, November 17, 2008

Rokoban Reviewed

Yet another Sokoban puzzle game someone made. This is definitely better than the crude Mario Sokoban that was released awhile back. Its graphics are quite impressive for a Sokoban game, as they are rendered in 3D. You can even move the camera around by pressing the plus button. In Sokoban you have to move crates through the puzzle onto circles until they all turn red. That's how you complete a level in the game. This game, like Portii, has its own level editor, so you can create and send people levels that you created for it yourself. It's a very fun puzzle game to play when you want to take your mind off things for awhile. The game, however, lacked music or sound, which would have made it better. Definitely worth a download HERE.
Controls: 6
Menu Layout: 6
Functionality: 9
Graphics: 7
Music and Sound: 1
Story: N/A

Overall: 6
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