Sunday, November 16, 2008

Smashing! Reviewed

Well this is the first game I've tried from the competition and I must say it's quite impressive and very well done. Smashing is a 3d target shooting game. You can do eather single player or multiplayer. It has 2 levels so far that you can choose from one shooting targets another shooting bottles. I would say that it's a great start and I would love to see it progress more have more features and levels this game looks almost like its strait off the Wii Shop Channel. I unfortunately found a few bugs that I think will be bad for the coder in the competition. First of all when your in the menus once you hit one theres no way to go back so if you go into the settings theres no save settings if you accidentally click multi player and just want single player then you have to beat it to go back. Second thing I found was there is no way to exit back to the HBC this is a key feature that needs to be in all homebrew applications. Last thing that I found was the game doesn't completely fit the screen my score is at the top and it's cut off so I can't see it when I'm playing also at the bottom of the screen some of the buttons are also cut off and you can't reach them. Don't let what I said deter you from downloading this awesome game! Once these minor things are fixed this game will surely be one of the most popular homebrew games on available.
EDIT: All the bugs have been fixed in the 1.1 release so I thought I might redo the review score.
Controls: 8
Menu Layout: 7
Fuctionality: 7
Graphics: 8
Music and Sound: 4
Story: N/A

Overall: 7

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