Thursday, November 20, 2008

Windows Live Writer!

I just downloaded the Windows Live Write and used it to make this new blog post. It seems like its a lot easier to use than the in-browser interface. Writer allows me to Create and Edit content on my blog easily from outside of IE in its own Word-like interface. When you first set it up, you type in your blog’s address and your login. It then detects all the settings on your blog and configures stuff. I would say that it’s a pretty fast and easy setup. I’m loving all the new products Microsoft is making lately. I use to hate Outlook, but the 2007 version of it is so simple to get started with. I set it up for my mom, she has a Gmail account, and has a hard time with computers. I opened it and and typed in her email address and password, and it did the rest. It’s really amazing all the stuff these programs do on their own now. You use to input everything manually every time you installed the program. Anyways the Windows Live programs are way awesome, you should really try them out! So far I’m using Write, Picture Gallery and Messenger (which I use constantly and like the best out of them all). Download them here HERE!

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