Thursday, December 4, 2008


I've been unable to log into the blog lately, but that's all sorted now. I've done quite a few things since I last posted. I:
  • Got the new X driver working and made a script for it. This means it is now compatible with all video modes (theoretically; I still need to test 480p, I have the right TV and cable, just haven't been bothered yet). TODO: hack the driver to allow widescreen resolutions (should be relatively straightforward as long as there aren't any incompatibilities).
  • Got all of the wallpapers looking good, one for each screen resolution (this is set by the TV config script)
  • Made an alternative config for pypanel to compensate for PAL50's different overscan (again set by the TV config script)
  • Used and partially tested (only tested with the SD card, not with the image loading or USB loading features) nuvalo's new kernel that he made for me. This makes it quite literally 10 times faster, so some app changes I was going to make have also been canceled as the current ones are now fine and full speed.
  • Installed a hacked SDL version for supertux, broke DOSbox in the process. Will look into getting supertux to use a different one to DOSbox.

I miight have forgotten a couple of things. There are quite a few things I'm planning now, you'll see when I complete them ;p
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