Wednesday, January 7, 2009

3D Emoticons for WLM!

3D Emoticons

I know a lot of you use WLM and I do as well and I love it. If your one of those people that has WLM 9 then you should give these a try they are Official WLM “3D Emoticons”. They were for some odd reason released in France first but if you want to you can install them on your messenger. Make sure to uncheck the boxes on the second page to avoid changes to your default browser. These are spyware free because their official! Anyways if your on Vista/Win7 make sure to run them as an Administrator for some reason it didn’t seem to work other wise it could just be me. Also apparently you have to be signed in with all your chat windows closed. First install the main installer (the big purple button with the Emoticons on it). Then after that feel free to get additional emoticon packs listed below. There are a total of 9 extra packages you can get. Anyways get them HERE.

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