Friday, January 9, 2009

Windows 7 Beta and WLE Final!


Wow lots of stuff to post today. First off if you don’t know yet you can now download your self a copy of Windows 7 Beta 1 as it’s now been publically released. There of course was a leaked version but now those of you that have it and those of you that want it can get a legit key to activate your copy of Win7 Beta 1. On a different note Windows Live Essentials Pack is now final version with the exception of the Movie Maker which is still in Beta. However there is not yet a new build of WLM so if your wanting a new build of messenger there will probably be one in February which should be the official “Final” Build of Messenger 9. Also in other news tomorrow you can expect the release of a 100% compatible version of Messenger Plus! Live. You can grab the Windows 7 Beta HERE. Also you can find the WLE HERE. If you don’t already have Messenger Plus! you can find it HERE.

NOTE: Microsoft has been having server problems because of the high traffic so if you can’t get the Windows 7 beta then it’s best just to wait and keep trying and hopefully you will get in. Also before downloading plus make sure it’s the correct version for your build of messenger and that when you install it you DO NOT install the sponsor program.

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