Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Google+ Revolution?

I've been using Google+ for quite a while now and I love it! Google is amazing and they are smart. I think I have a small idea of what they are planning with G+. They have said they will integrate it into all their services and there will be only one login and profile for all of your Google Service needs! What does this mean exactly? Well here is my idea for this. This is very preliminary I might decide to add more to the concept later.

In this mockup it has the new Google Bar (This may not be completely what it looks like because I have yet to receive the new update) that is rolling out right now. I added both YouTube and Blogger Tabs to the profile.

This mockup is how the YouTube tab in a G+ Profile could look integrating the users YouTube Channel into the tab.

The Blogger tab pulls the rss feed from the users blog and shows all their blog posts inside of G+ the user can also choose to create a G+ Page for his Blogger account and have that as a feed for others that want to follow the blog on G+.

These images are simply mockups of some ideas I have for the future of Google+ I hope that you guys like that and hopefully someday similar ideas will be implemented into Google+ creating a services that combines all the Google services in a way that would be easy for everyone!
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