Thursday, December 8, 2011

TripleTown Review

I'm not super big on browser based games or the type of genre Facebook originally seemed to have created. But I found this new game on Google+ it's a very unique little puzzle game I seem to keep going back to when I'm bored. The game is a puzzle game where you randomly get items to place into your little town and when you combined the items you create new plants or buildings in your town. As you play the game you learn how it works and you begin to build up your little town and have it last longer each time. The most dreaded items to get are the bears and ninja bears. Bears can be combined to create churches I found it fun to get as many bears as possible in a confined area and take them out all at once! Ninja bears on the other hand mostly get in the way teleporting around each time you place a new item blocking your way. If you ever get bored and want a unique new game to play I highly recommend this one to kill some time. The only thing I dislike about the game is after a while when you run out of moves you either have to wait a couple days to get more moves or pay actual money to buy them. Have fun building your town!

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