Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Google Chrome the future of the internet.

     For a long time I've used Firefox and I enjoy it because it is so customizable gui wise. But a few months ago I started using Google Chrome and the extensions, stability, and innovation that is has are far surpassing what Firefox had to offer. Now let's look at a few things. Chrome is the closest to have complete compliance with the HTML5 standard on HTML5Test.com the latest nightly version of Chrome gets 387 and it should actually get another 20 points for having web cam input support now. Chrome is doing multiple things to help the user out. Number one it's allowing us to get rid of the "required" browser plugins like flash and the ones you need to use your web cam, microphone, or game controller on websites. Next with NaCl it is allowing us to run full applications and games without the need to download and install them on your computer you can just run them inside of Chrome. By allowing us to do these things it let's us put all of our stuff in one place and have it on the go any where we have Chrome. Eventually we will have full Chrome support on Android allowing us to do all these amazing things on all our other devices. Now taking it a level up Google+ which is integrating all of Google's Web services will become more integrated with Chrome allowing us one place for all of our computing needs. Anyways I'm excited for whatever the future brings and it looks great! Go Google!
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