Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Humble Bundle now for Android!

I was introduced to Humble Bundle the end of last year by my friend. I've loved it ever since. What is Humble Bundle you ask? Well it's a pay what you want game pack that is put together every so often. Part of the proceeds go to one of many charities. For everything you get in the pack if you bought it separate it would be significantly more. The games are cross-platform Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. They are DRM free and you also receive steam codes for the Windows and Mac versions of the games as well. You also receive the sound tracks for each of the games. So basically you get super cheap games and you get to give to charity what more could you ask for in life! Humble Bundle is probably one of the best values you can ever get so go pick yourself up a copy right now and get your friend a copy too!
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