Friday, March 2, 2012

Chat for Google Chrome Extension.

 If your like me and you use Google Talk all the time but hate having to go back and forth between G+ and Gmail then this is the extension for you! It lets you have Google Talk right next to your clock open all the time! If you enable background apps it will even run when you close Google Chrome. It's a sleeker interface that's updated on a regular basis and very convenient when your going between web pages or not even using Google Chrome at all. Of course if your busy you can change your status. I encourage people to use this it makes it easier to talk to people when they are on Google Talk all the time. The extension was previously specifically made to work on Chromebooks. It has recently been updated to function correctly on other computer operating system although I've been using it on Windows 7 for the past few months before this update. Using this extension I have been able to make communication with my grandma and other people in a simple mannor they can understand. It even has a button to create a hangout with the people you are talking to. I hope you guys like this extension as much as I do. I posted a link below!

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