Friday, March 2, 2012

The Future of Hangouts.

The Google+ Hangout keeps getting updated. There are so many more things that we can do to revolutionize the way we interact with people online. The basic hangout has already allowed us to communicate with people, businesses, and organizations better and more efficiently then ever before. For the first time developers of products have gotten feedback from consumers in a face to face manner over the Internet. In the future, customer service from distant companies and organizations can be conveyed in this manner!
      But hangouts aren't just for businesses, but also for family and friends! You can already talk to ten people from across the country and the world. So what can we do to make it even better? Well there are a lot of things. If you've ever used the "hangout with extras" it has document collaboration and named hangouts. These features can be integrated into the regular hangouts as well as other features. For example file and picture sharing, easier sharing of YouTube videos in the chat, and games. People are already developing Hangout Apps but the few that exist aren't widely known about or used (yet?). Wouldn't you love to see more of these Hangout Apps! 
So what about Official Google+ Hangout Games? Just imagine getting on a Hangout and playing Uno, Monopoly, or even the Game of Life! There are so many board games and card games that can be made into hangout games. Imagine Netflix with family members that have a subscription and have the service connected to their Google Account. There are many other ideas that can be implemented into the hangouts. Below are some links to help you make your own Hangout Apps as well as a couple Apps that are being worked one!

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