Monday, March 19, 2012

Google Music

     I've been using Google Music ever since it was released last may. It has completely changed how I obtain and listen to music. I've always been against iTunes and other DRM infested music stores. It was always easier to go buy a CD. Google Music is a DRM free, super easy to use service. You no longer have to worry about syncing your music from your computer using cables. You can either buy music on your computer or Android device in the Google Play Store. It will automatically put the music in cloud storage, download it to your computer, and sync it to your phone.
     I am on an unlimited 4G data plan so except for my one regular playlist I listen to that's set to offline I stream all my music. After I got my new computer all my music remained on my external hard drive and none of it was transferred to my new laptop. I had previously uploaded it all to Google Music. I no longer use Windows Media Player or any other media program on my computer. Any time I want to listen to music I open chrome and click the icon that looks like the picture above and start listening. I save hard drive space, time, and money using Google Music. It's so much easier to just buy a song and have it added to my list right away no more ripping or messing with DRM. I get a DRM free mp3 file that I can use with any device I own and it isn't linked to any one computer or account. If my computer breaks it doesn't matter all my music is safely stored in my cloud storage.
      There are a few disadvantages of Google Music which hopefully will be resolved some day. The first is not every artist or song is on the service. As they continue to make deals to get more music on the store the selection of songs and artists will grow. The other disadvantage is you can only manage your music on the website not on the music program you install on your computer to upload your music. I hope they update the program to better manage your music. It definitely needs a sync music now button instead of having to wait for it to detect changes in your library. The last obvious problem with Google Music is that you can only use it when you have access to the Internet this will never be fixed because it defeats the purpose of the service. I love Google Music and it is clearly a better alternative to iTunes and other music services for many reasons. I encourage you all to give it a try! It's free to sign up and if you already have a Google account you  have access to the service right now. When you sign up for the service you will receive a bunch of free songs as well. Have fun listening to your music!

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