Friday, March 2, 2012

PadFone + Ubuntu?


    Many others have proposed the idea I'm sure, but I thought I would post it once again. This week we just had the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Both Asus and Canonical had some pretty awesome announcements at the event. Asus announced their device the PadFone which if you watch the video above is a  Phone that can use a shell and a dock to turn into a Tablet and a Laptop. Canonical announced that they will be implementing their Linux distribution Ubuntu into Android devices. Ubuntu will use the same kernel as Android and run at the same time instead of a dual booting solution. You will be able to access your Android apps and other data inside of Ubuntu as well as running regular Ubuntu applications. Imagine if we combined these two awesome innovations! You no longer need three different devices but a simple all in one device that has both a full computer operating system as well as the Android mobile operating system. This is amazing! Ubuntu also has working virtual machine software which may include the possibility of running other operating systems like Windows and OS X inside of a virtual machine. It has also been demoed that you can run cloud applications running on other types of servers. I hope that both companies see these possibilities and make this all in one device a reality!

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